A month-long celebration of arts and health


Arts & Health Mercer was created by a coalition of arts and culture organizations of the Mercer County region to bring a greater appreciation, understanding and experience of how the arts are integral to the health of individuals and communities through an alignment of programming across organizations. 

Through this initiative, we seek to create awareness of the health benefits of the arts, and provide access to these benefits through our programming that occurs during the month of November and all year long.

In celebration of Arts and Health Month, each participating organization develops program(s) both individually and/or collaboratively to take place throughout the month of November.

Programs such as symposiums; visual arts exhibitions; musical, theatrical and dance performances; literary events; and classes and workshops in each of these media will be offered. The goal of each presentation will be to invite you to incorporate the arts in a holistic way to optimize your health and well-being.

Arts & Health Steering Committee organizations include:

Are you an organization interested in participating?

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